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touch Sofud

Posted by randomz on December 28, 2006

I picked up Sofud development again today, after a 4-month break. Actually, I just looked at the source code and tried to remember what I was trying to accomplish… but from a glimpse, it looked like there might not be too much coding work until feature completion of 0.3. But since I’m trying to make 0.3 a “real” release, I’ll also have to clean up code, write code documentation, and write something entirely novel: A complete user’s manual. I’m also thinking of writing a Sofu file editor as an example application, because I’d really like to have one… plus it would be the best imaginable test for the library.

Add to that the fact that I’ll be very occupied over the next few days and the busy second half of the semester after that, and you know that Sofud 0.3 will be released about the time you finish playing Duke Nukem Forever.


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