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Trying out GDC, but Bud does not agree

Posted by randomz on April 6, 2007

I spent too much time today trying to get Bud to work with GDC under windows. GDC works fine, and installing it was actually pretty straightforward: Installing MinGW, installing GDC via the installer, and then installing ActivePerl in order to be able to use the ‘gdmd.bat’ perl wrapper script for dmd command line compatibility.

What followed then was a bud error and reading through the (terribly unorganized) bud docs in order to find something. Having found nothing, I tried the bud forums, which promised to be at least of some help. I created a build.cfg file and spent about two hours trying various settings, finally managing to compile my source files. But I still haven’t moved bud to link the resulting objects to an exe file.

Actually, this isn’t my first time fighting with bud (formerly build). My recent attempts to use bud on linux (with DMD at that time) also have been only partly successful. However, there seem to be people who have accomplished using bud on linux.

I think build is a wonderful tool. But it’s a shame that development seems to have stalled (the SVN repository hasn’t been touched in almost half a year) at a phase where there still are many unresolved problems. I think the build tool is pretty central to the D community, so maybe it would be good to have a larger (non-one-man) team to make it a more mature, better-working tool (and to improve the documentation!!!).

In fact, I feel I would like to contribute to the project. Still, I’m afraid it will eat more of my time than I can bear, so I will give it some more thought.


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