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The Blog Effect

Posted by randomz on May 30, 2007

Interesting how much effect this blog has on the download rates of Sofu. They go up every time I publish a post here. You’d think that an obscure, unknown library written for an almost as unknown language wouldn’t find many people stopping by just because they saw the post on the “most recent posts” list on But there seem to be some: Observe this statistics page, which claims I had some 50 page views within about two hours just when I published my last blog post.

I just finished the new system for building the source code documentation for Sofud. It now works without bud (if you haven’t noticed, bud is “out” in the D community), but first uses rebuild to generate a modules.ddoc file for use with candydoc, and then uses dmd to build the actual docs. Yes, this means the whole source code is processed twice… so maybe I should just build the modules.ddoc from my own code instead of letting rebuild do it. But still, dmd is fast enough, so I don’t see the point in optimizing.


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