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If you have come to this page not knowing me, you probably wondered what Sofu is

Sofu is one of the software projects I’m working on. The purpose of Sofu is to provide a plain-text file format (using Unicode) that allows storing and retrieving data in a structured, yet easy to understand way. Its purpose is also to provide libraries that allow access to this file format in various programming languages. There are only two in a usable state right now: Sofud (for the D programming language) and (for Perl).

Currently I’m working on Sofu 0.3 (the specification) and Sofud 0.3 (the D library), which are likely to be released simultaneously. This is an open source project, and I haven’t been able to dedicate a lot of time to it, so I can’t tell when a release is going to happen. On the plus side, the 0.2 branch of Sofud (currently 0.2.3b) is already very usable and has served me in many projects.

After this introduction, here’s the link to the Sofu web site.


3 Responses to “Sofu”

  1. Adam said

    I am getting an error during compile time in 0.2.3b dealing with the save code.
    /home/adam/Programming/D/Sofud-0.2.3b/src/Sofu/Save.d:43: function (void*,uint) does not match parameter types (char[],uint)
    /home/adam/Programming/D/Sofud-0.2.3b/src/Sofu/Save.d:43: Error: cannot implicitly convert expression (outputString) of type char[] to void*
    Command /home/adam/dsss/bin/rebuild returned with code 256, aborting.

    It works however when I go to Sofu.d and comment out the line “import Sofu.Save;”

  2. robin said

    On the homepage there only are tools, how to read an parse input. But what about the file standard. What does an inputfile look like? Would be great, if this was documented somewhere.

    • randomz said

      Sorry, I have by now stopped working on Sofu. I can’t speak for maluku, who implemented the format in various other languages, but the D implementation is probably very obsolete (since the D language has changed since the last Sofu release), and won’t be maintained by me any more.
      Anyway, Sofu is not different in any significant way from JSON. There appears to be some sort of JSON support in phobos by now, so I suggest you use that.

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